Dead Sunflower Photography

I decided to make a page for all my dead sunflower pictures since I have so many of them.  Here are my newest….

Dead sunflower CIMG2590 CIMG2591 CIMG2595 CIMG2597Dead sunflower with snowCIMG2551CIMG2559CIMG2561CIMG2577CIMG2595CIMG2605CIMG2609CIMG2613CIMG2621CIMG2623CIMG2624CIMG2628CIMG2631CIMG2665CIMG2677CIMG2690CIMG2694CIMG2702CIMG2706CIMG2718CIMG2723CIMG2745CIMG2746CIMG2747CIMG2749CIMG2751CIMG2754CIMG2756CIMG2757CIMG2777CIMG2781CIMG2788CIMG2798CIMG2805CIMG2815CIMG2822CIMG2825CIMG2834


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